Make it work

Make it work

Besides making ceramic work, I also like to quilt. In my quilting group, I have been known to advise people to “make it work” when they are confronted with an error they have made in their quilting pattern, or if something is not working out quite the way they had planned. This is often said to someone who is about to go and rip out the seams they have just sewn.

This summer, I am working on improving my throwing skills. I have given myself the assignment of throwing 50 cups (and will probably follow with 50 bowls and 50 plates). Today I was working on some surface texture on one of the first five that I have thrown. As I am working on it, my husband cautions me to not carve so deeply. Of course, right at that moment, I carve right through the mug, twice. Now my mug has two holes in it. I was ready to scrap the mug, because I was taught to get rid of the mistakes, right? Patrick, instead, insists that I patch the hole and keep it, suggesting that I turn it into an owl, because that’s what he thinks the texture looks like. I resisted at first, but to make him happy I decided to humor him. This is the result. Today I learned to “make it work” in my clay work. I love the finished mug and will probably now make more, although I may reserve it for my special mugs that end up with holes carved through them.


2 responses to “Make it work

  1. Dan Ratcliff

    like it

  2. DeniseR

    Love it. I love owls.

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