Late for work

One of the benefits/challenges of working for yourself is that you don’t have to be at work at a specific time.  I have never been a morning person.  That fact combined with a bad night’s sleep worked against me today in my plans to treat my artmaking as a job and get into my studio right away this morning.  It was much too easy to say, “I need more sleep” today.  Luckily, despite my slow start, I still managed to meet my goal of throwing five cups (working toward my larger goal of 50).  My focus was to work on consistency from piece to piece.  Doing my best to end up with five cups that look as much like each other as I could.  I learned that weighing my clay before I start so that I start with the same amount of clay each time is somewhat important; and also that I am very very slow at throwing.  I did pretty well at throwing consistent forms, so in my next throwing session I am going to have to start working on my speed.



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